The performance of this 9-year-old girl during the Miss World contest overshadowed the beauty of all the participants. Everyone was delighted (video)

Celine is a Hong Kong-born female vocalist who was born 9 years ago. Both she and her sister share the name Dion,

which was given to them in honor of the Canadian artist Celine Dion. She started taking singing lessons with her dad when she was just three years old.

She has given performances at events held all over the world, and she has made appearances on the national television networks

of both China and the United States. In addition, she has won eight championships in a single year in the past few years. this

Celine was a contestant on the tenth season of Britain’s Got Talent. Although she was successful in the audition process,

her performance was not shown on television because she did not take part in the live show. 2015.

Her outstanding performance below!!!

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