She joyfully marks her 100th birthday while living alone: Garbage collectors pleasantly surprise her with a birthday cake.

Reaching the age of 100 is a remarkable feat, and those who attain this milestone while maintaining good health and living independently are indeed a rarity. Unfortunately, such individuals often find themselves in solitude, overlooked by society and family, receiving few visits. In a quaint U.S. town resides an elderly woman named Mercy—a gentle soul who lives alone, navigating life with the support of kind-hearted neighbors, postal workers, and garbage collectors. These roles require frequent visits to specific locations, providing a consistent thread of human connection.

In August 2019, as Mercy celebrated her centennial, the garbage collectors who regularly traversed her neighborhood decided to orchestrate a heartwarming surprise. On the morning of her birthday, Mercy was startled by the doorbell. Upon opening the door, she was met by the waste collection team bearing a cake adorned with candles shaped like the number “100.” The delightful moment was captured on video and shared online, sparking numerous comments and shares.

In the images, Mercy appears genuinely surprised, elated, and moved by this unexpected gesture. Incredulous but touched that someone remembered her special day, she, after overcoming the initial wave of emotion, was asked by one of the garbage collectors to blow out the candles and make a wish. With a twinkle in her eye and a touch of humor, the kind lady quipped, “I wished to live until 105!”

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