Miraculous Bond: Rescue Dog Saves Dying Kitten

Authored by Erin Crowley

In the scorching heat of August, a fragile kitten clinging to life was discovered. Afflicted by a severe upper respiratory infection, a bloated tummy from tapeworms, and covered in fleas, her chances of survival seemed bleak. Wrapped in a towel, we brought her home in a garden pot, hoping for a miracle.

Throughout the night, we tirelessly fed her formula and tuna juice, fighting to give her the strength to endure. At 7 am, she was miraculously alive, prompting a rush to a nearby vet. Weighing only 8 oz, her treatment options were limited, but the vet initiated antibiotics for her eyes and lungs, along with prescribed steams to keep her airways open. The odds were against her, but our determination soared—this kitten had to live.

The initial days were fraught with tension. Bathing her in Dawn dish soap to combat fleas, enduring the stifling heat of steamy bathrooms, we felt the weight of impending loss. Despite our efforts, it seemed this little kitten’s journey might be cut short.

Then, a remarkable turn: we introduced her to Gatsby, a 4-month-old puppy we had rescued a month earlier. Aware that one excited move could be fatal, we cautiously set her down on the bed, wrapped in her towel. Gatsby, surprisingly delicate, sniffed, licked, and embraced her, transforming into a gentle guardian. The warmth of the puppy breathed life into her, and an inseparable bond between Gatsby and Minerva (as we named her) emerged.

Over the next two weeks, their bond deepened. Gatsby became Minerva’s big brother and protector. As antibiotics took effect, her health improved, and their playful antics brought joy to their days. Gatsby’s warmth and Minerva’s zest for life complemented each other.

Now, more than a year later, Gatsby and Minerva continue to astonish us with their love. Fully grown, Minerva is a healthy, vibrant cat, and their unique bond has shaped them into affectionate and thriving animals. Grateful for finding Minerva that summer day and for Gatsby’s role in her miraculous recovery, we can’t imagine life without these inseparable companions. 💖

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