“It’s a Historic Moment: First Gorilla Born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! 🦍 Welcome to the World, Little One!

Hello, adorable cutie! 🐒 A warm welcome to the sweet angel, and congratulations to the proud mama! ❤️🥰 Momma looks absolutely thrilled… what a beautiful and precious moment! 🐒🐒

In a historic event, a western lowland gorilla gave birth to a male last month at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, marking the first gorilla birth in the zoo’s 139-year history. The newborn, born on Oct. 26 to mom Nneka, 23, and dad Mokolo, 34, is already stealing hearts.

The zoo is excited to announce a long-term partnership with CrossCountry Mortgage, offering the public an opportunity to name the infant gorilla. Newborn gorillas typically weigh around 3 pounds at birth and stay in almost constant contact with their mothers for the first six months, nursing for about three years.

In a surprising turn, Nneka did not exhibit appropriate maternal care for her infant. Fredrika, the 47-year-old eldest female gorilla at the zoo, who has successfully raised four infants, stepped in to take over maternal care. The newborn is being bottle-fed by zoo officials under Fredrika’s watchful eye.

The zoo is overjoyed to share the news of this gorilla’s birth, a truly precious moment in their history. Considering the beauty of this baby, some suggest naming him something inspired by the Bible. 🐵 What a cute baby, and Mom is rightfully proud and beautiful! 🐵

How about the sweet name Alfalfa for the baby boy? Alternatively, Miracle could be fitting, given that he is the first gorilla ever born at the zoo.

Watch the heartwarming video below, and don’t forget to SHARE this precious story with your friends and family! 🦍❤️”

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