Importance of a balanced diet for dogs

Those who have a dog tend to be concerned about a balanced diet and many other factors. All these factors have an influence on the health of the pet and are important. It is ideal that the tutor has this concern. But then the doubts arise. What is a balanced diet? And how to provide good food that fits in the tutor’s pocket?

You ask questions about balanced nutrition for dogs and learn about it in this article. Learn more about food and learn to take better care of your best friend.

The stages of life

Dogs like us humans go through life stages. And at these different stages they also have different nutritional needs. There are a few phases, but we will abort in this article in a more direct way and related to proper nutrition.

  • Cub

The puppy has a higher energy level. He’s at the beginning of his life, he’s curious, he’s smart and he wants to have fun. Of course personality change and some may be more shy. But in general, within the family circle, especially, puppies are more agitated.

This reflects on the puppy’s diet. It is necessary to offer a suitable food for puppies that contains sufficient nutritional values ​​and energy for the little one.

  • adult dog

Adult dogs are no longer as restless as puppies. Of course, depending on the breed and other factors, the adult dog can be quite agitated. Still, they are quieter than puppies and need less energy food.

  • Elderly

Finally, the adorable senior dogs. Energy levels at this stage drop a lot and nutritional needs change as well. At this stage, it is ideal to have more frequent follow-up with a veterinarian.

So you will provide everything your furry needs without exaggeration, at this age obesity is very common. Especially if the furry continues to eat the type of food it ate as an adult.

Food absorption

Many owners don’t know, but the type of food your dog ingests interferes with the volume and odor of feces. So it is! The type of food also affects the amount of food the dog will need to ingest.

Even wanting to provide a balanced diet. If the tutor provides a food with low nutritional or energy value. The dog will need to eat more. If the furry’s organism receives a food filled with nutrients that it doesn’t need, then the volume of feces will also be greater. Because the body will expel everything it doesn’t need and will absorb less of that food.

Choosing the type of feed

There are some types of food for dogs. Some of these represent a balanced and ideal diet, others are not recommended. Learn the types of food and what is recommended:

  • natural food

This would be the ideal type of food as long as it is done correctly. The first thing is to consult a veterinarian, preferred one specialized in animal nutrition. He will recommend the types of food and preparation for the furry.

Including meats, fruits, vegetables, greens. How to prepare and which foods should be given and which should never reach the dog. But it is understand that this type of food cannot be offered by every tutor. It can be expensive and also take up a lot of time.

  • popular ratings

These are not recommended. Those bulk ratings, found in markets, some fairs. Products made from production by-products. Avoid this type of food, they do not care about the nutritional needs of dogs.

  • Standard rate

This is not the ideal type of feed. But it is expensive that not every tutor has the financial means to buy the most brands. These ratings usually have an average value and are the most purchased on the market. If you really can’t give something better, look for the best Standart you can.

  • premium feed

Among the ratings this is the second largest. It has more nutritional value and is much better. It is usually necessary to offer less food to the dog, as he already receives all the nutrients and energy he needs with less.

  • Super Premium feed

Super Premium is the best type of feed. Who can offer this type of feed. You can talk about it the same as Premium, being even better. It has a lot of quality, but unfortunately they are more expensive.

avoid obesity

A balanced diet with an adequate diet also helps to avoid obesity. Dogs should eat at set times and have a routine. This will help them to be healthier and feel better.

For dogs that eat too fast. In addition to the right times and feeding, it is necessary to divide the feeding in more times, so he doesn’t eat as fast and avoids a stomach twist.

Working dogs

And finally, you need to be aware of working dogs. Dogs used in activities such as herding, for example, must receive a diet rich in the right nutrients and with lots of energy.

It may be necessary to offer more food than for those dogs that usually spend more time at home resting. But on days when they are not working, they should have reduced food. Veterinary monitoring is very important.

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