The cute baby born with a white strand of hair shocked everyone except for her family

This adorable baby girl was born with a snow-white strand of hair.
When this awesome baby girl named Millie came to this world, the doctors got extremely confused and shocked. The thing is that the little cutie was born with dark hair but there was a snow-white strand of hair on her head as well. Mostly interestingly, her stunning mother and granny had exactly the same white strand as the newborn girl.

When the woman was still pregnant, she dreamed that her daughter had the same unique hair as her and her mother.

The thing is that her young sister didn’t inherit such a uniqueness and the woman still wasn’t 100 percent sure her daughter would be like her.

Strangers are often convinced that she deliberately dyed her little daughter’s hair so as to get attention, but this is actually not true.

Mother hopes her beautiful daughter will accept her unique appearance and won’t ever dye her hair. But the final decision is, of course, up to her.

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