Perfect photo of a bald Eagle with its Reflection!

Once in a lifetime rate pic 💚

It is extremely difficult to photograph a bald eagle because it is extremely at close range.

However, Steve Biro, a photographer with a keen eye, was fortunate enough to capture this image while visiting the Canada Raptor Conservancy in Ontario. He is now basking in the glory of this photograph, which captures one of a million phenomena.

Steve describes his encounter with Bruce, a bald eagle. The majestic bird flew low and close to the face of a small pond and locked eyes with Steve, the bird attempting to brush Steve away from where he was perched.

He captured the spectacular and symmetrical moment as the bald eagle flew close to the surface of the pond as it gazed at the camera as it glided freely across the reflective surface of the water. He was standing perfectly straight, both wings touching the water.

This is a phenomenal picture. 👍 Truly great job.

Some people believe that there is no such thing as the perfect photograph. But Steve proved them wrong. The bald eagle’s wings form a perfect bridge-like curvature, and its wings touch the water for a perfect reflection!

Sure that everyone loves this photo because it quickly went viral and even made the cover of Reddit.

It’s not just a beautiful photograph; it’s an opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event, and he’ll never forget it!

Image: Steve biro

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