Police officer rescues great horned Owl tr.apped on busy freeway

Luckily, the wildlife rehabilitator called to the scene was able to free the owl from the plastic bag as traffic rushed by.

Not all heroes wear capes.❤🤙🏌

Idaho State Police (ISP) received multiple calls from concerned commuters on I-84 in Nampa about a Great Horned Owl tr.apped in plastic. Dispatchers called wildlife rescue, Animals in Distress, for help and sent Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo to the scene.

Traffic is very heavy on that stretch of freeway and the owl had reportedly been there for some time. When Sgt. Crapo arrived, she spotted the owl near the median and used her patrol car as a block for oncoming traffic.

Owls are such amazing birds.

Once the owl was out of har.m’s way, she waited for a volunteer with the wildlife rescue to arrive. They gave her a quick once-over to make sure she wasn’t in.ju.red before setting her free.

The volunteer then took the owl away from the busy road and let her go. Thanks to police officers who help po.or beautiful Owl in need…! It is wonderful. ♥️🙏😇

God bless for going above and beyond your duty! God Bless you and the police departments of the United States 🇺🇸 for humans and animals! ❤️💯🙏

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