Harpy Eagle, a fiery bird would surely grab everyone’s attention

He is the king of birds 💚

This bird is why they came up with the myth of Moth Man.🤔😁

A Bird So Big, Some People Think It’s A Person In A Costume This is a real bird that looks much similar to a man wearing a bird’s costume! This bird is called a harpy eagle and it is anything but massive, fiery, proud and majestic!

They are birds of pr.ey. they are the largest and the most powerful rap.tors in the world. Their wingspan can reach up to 7 feet and 4 inches (225 centimeters). So, their wingspan might be bigger than your height! But they weigh only 8.5-20 pounds. (3.8 – 9kg).

You would not see them everywhere as they generally live in the upper canopy layer of tropical lowland forest. They have been added to the list of [enda.ngered] species in Central America due to their rapid [des.truc.tion] which is a result of [defo.restation].

They eat larger prey than smaller birds. Their meals vary from monkeys, tree porcupines, sloths and coatis to birds, snakes, and lizards, …

Amazing, if people actually took time to find out more about what’s going on in the world and nature we’d all be better off.

😊Great harpy eagles are very easily the biggest eagle in the world😊😊😊 and really no problem to see why because they are just Huge😊😊😊

But for goodness sake take the sh.ack.les off. This bird is meant to be free.

Stunning bird really sa.d to see the chains stopping it from flying. Magnificent bird deserves freedom

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