Better than in the store: The caring father created a stylish and comfy bed for his son with his own hands

The father created a bed for his little son with his own bare hands.
Furniture for children’s room is a rather expensive pleasure which is, in fact, not really available for absolutely everyone. Not all families can afford themselves to buy furniture for their kids. And this caring and creative father decided to create a bed for his son with his own bare hands.

First, dad made a plan- a bed-house, then he went to buy boards, sawed them to the right size.
The next step is assembling the basic frame. The first thing to do was to mark out all the details and then he got the basic structure. His son also took part in the process and was constantly eager to help his caring dad.

Then they assembled the top and a place for a mattress.

The fame was sheathed.

At the end it turned out to be better than in the shops.

Now, the kid can peacefully sleep in his own comfortable bed.

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