Dog Wraps His Body Around An Abandoned 2-Year-Old Child For 2 Days To Keep Him Alive In Freezing Weather

We all know that dogs are loyal creatures In addition to being a constant friend of a person, they can reach out for help at any time Here is one of the clear proofs of it.
The story is about how the dog saved the child from freezing.

The incident took place in Siberia, Russia, which is known for its cold climate.
The 2-year-old belly child was left on the porch of the house and he was freezing. He was saved by the dog living in that cabin. He wraped his body around the child and warmed it.

Thanks to the dog, the child survived for 2 days, until the neighbors discovered that a small child was lying under the dog’s body and rushed to help.
Although the child was suffering from severe hypothermia, he was saved thanks to the heroic act of the dog.
The boy’s mother was finally identified and charged with child abandonment.

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