Guy sees a bald Eagle ca.ught in traffic — and saves her life…

Great Man to do this.Traffic is difficult to stop and very few people would take that step to save an eagle’s life․

Miller was driving home from Philadelphia when he noticed he was in a traffic jam․ Miller looked down to see what caused the jam. Everyone was watching intently to see if the eagle would move or not, but the eagle was down and unwilling to go anywhere․

The eagle was injured and Miller put his favorite jacket on it. To his surprise, the eagle remained calm on the ground. Miller moved the eagle out of the way and finally made contact with TriState Bird Rescue and Research, a local rehabilitation center for wild birds.

Miller held the eagle for about 45 minutes, waiting for rescuers to arrive. After treatment, the rescuer was confident the  bald eagle was ready to return to the wild.

The eagle was slightly injured, but we are optimistic that he will make a full recovery. Miller was just happy․Thanks to Miller for saving the bald eagle. It’s interesting that Animals feel that someone wants to help them and that’s wonderful․

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