Saving the Nokota horse breed, descended from sitting bull horses , from ex.tin.ction

Saving a rare breed of horse…!
They are a national wealth, so we should  protect them. Right now Something great  is going to happen on  in Linton, North Dakota.

Frank Kuntz and his brother, Leo have taken a laborious task to try to revive a great horse breed.  The two brothers are trying to save a little  history about the Nokota horse.Some people believe that The  horse breeds from Sitting Bull’s buffalo ponies. It was long forgotten until the day Frank and his brother found them in a National park in North Dakota.

Despite the fact that they only had a few horses there, they now own it almost half of the estimated 1000 head remaining in the world.  All this led to an increase in the number of horses in the National Park,  and as a result they are no longer purebred Nokota. Frank Kurtz and his brother Leo founded the Nokota Horse Conservancy in 1999 to save  horses bloodline.

This remarkable story has attracted even the best television stations in the world. The German company Ard filmed for several days on Frank Kuntz’s farm near Linton․We believe that all this will contribute to the fact that many, many people will visit here so that this type of horses do not disappear from the face of the earth.

Because they are a national and historical treasure, we must do everything possible to prevent their destruction․
The attached video shows why and how they decided to do this․
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