Amazing Corgi pup howls to show her little happy heart

Many people have pet dogs and cats at home. However, a handful of them have pets with weird natures. Devon Noehring was one of those few pet owners with a pet Corgi named Willo. The dog had a strange habit of howling while eating her food.

When the Corgi was just 3 or 4 months old, Devon first noticed Willo’s howl. The dog was having her breakfast when she howled for the first time. At first, Devon thought that the dog was probably choking. However, Willo continued eating her meal.

Suddenly, Willo howled again while eating, and that surprised Devon. The owner noticed her dog would howl every time she ate her meals. Devon thought that Willo howled to thank her owner. Devon had taught the Corgi to wait for her food instead of rushing to her bowl the moment Devon set it down.

Devon noticed that Willo would usually howl towards the end of her meals. The Corgi would stop eating, let out a howl, and continue with her food. According to Devon, her Corgi howled while eating because she loved her food.

Willow had a huge personality. She would howl the loudest whenever she needed some attention. Otherwise, Willo was a very calm and peaceful dog. Devon noticed that Willo used to howl a lot when she gave the dog plain kibble to eat. She thought that her dog liked the simple kibble the best.

People always liked the Corgi’s howling because it was pure and sounded cute. People could feel her happiness from her howling. When Willo got a bit older, her howling reduced considerably. She would eat her meals, walk around trying to find Devon, and howl at her.

Although the Corgi reduced her howling, it made her feel very happy whenever Willo howled at Devon. Since she howled during the mornings, it would brighten Devon’s day. It made her mornings bright.

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