Dog-loving husband talks wife into adopting a stressed cat

A cat named Bug was kept at a shelter. He always seemed stressed, so he never wanted to eat his meals. Recently, the shelter manager called Rachel and her husband, asking them if they could temporarily foster Bug.

Bug, the cat, would sit all day with his face pushed against his cage bars. The shelter manager feared Bug would further injure himself out of misery. The couple replied that they could temporarily foster the cat.

Surprisingly, when the couple brought Bug home, the cat was not scared anymore. He was out of the car and ran around the premises. Whenever James or Rachel went to pet Bug, he would respond affectionately by kissing them.

Although James was more of a dog person, he was the one who talked to Rachel about fostering Bug. The cat enjoyed getting the love and care he received at his foster home. He would never let James ignore him.

When James suggested keeping Bug, Rachel was skeptical because they already had two cats at home. However, he talked Rachel into it, and the ladies at the animal shelter were surprised that it was a man who wanted to keep a cat.

Bug loved to play with his brothers. If they wanted to get some love from the couple in between their games, Bug would stop them from leaving so soon. Bug fitted in with everybody at home due to his goofy nature.

Bug enjoyed his new life at his foster home with his foster parents and cat siblings. He was no longer kept in a cage and was free to go anywhere he wanted.

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