Let us not forget The Queen’s loyal Corgis

Some secrets of the Royal Corgis were revealed in a special issue of Town and Country magazine for the Queen’s 90th birthday. Usually, what happens in the palace stays in the palace but not in this case.

The high society magazine sniffed out some well-kept mysteries that the royals tried to keep guarded. Apparently, there was a lot of in-fighting between the members that most people wouldn’t expect.

After some thorough investigation, it was revealed that there was a rift between several of the Corgis. A psychologist had to be called in, a pet psychologist, to be exact.

Roger Mudford, an expert pet psychologist, discovered that the Corgis were constantly in conflict. Like the royal family, he helped them by sorting out their hierarchy.

A possible reason for the rift between the Corgis could lead back to the marriage between Prince Charles and Prince Diana. The Corgis may have been at each other’s throats when the marriage broke.

While the royal family was fighting between themselves, so were the Corgis. There was a distracted state of affairs, and the royal dogs were in the middle of all the tension.

All the royal lines descended from the Queen; the same goes for the Corgis. Their lives are similar to their family, and they are just as pampered, if not more so.

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