The owner Made Its Own Room for His Cat

A couple of months ago, Brian Davis’s family sheltered an affectionate cat,, named Wyatt. Quickly getting used to its current home, the inquisitive cat discovered an interesting hobby; looking after squirrels and birds, sitting by the window. Brian noted this as a hobby of their new family member.

As time went on, the frosty winter days came. Most of the birds flew away to the regions with more mild weather, and the tailed friend became sad. The creative owner came up with an alternative idea to the visual hunting of his pet; since the birds do not fly outside the window, then let them flutter … in the tablet!

Wyatt liked this idea very much, it watched his newly-made TV with curiosity. But Brian had one more goal – to create its own bedroom for the cat.

There were no problems with the place for the cat’s house thanks to the owners’ recent renovation. It doesn’t matter if long or short time was needed for the construction process , the most important thing is that the good result was achieved. The owner carefully set up a small bed in the cat’s small room and skillfully decorated the walls and didn’t forget to put his mini-TV, already liked by the fluffy, for watching “feathered” videos. The fuzzy creature was very delighted with his own corner in its new house.

According to Brian, Wyatt is content with its new bedroom and it spends a lot of time, watching its favorite videos before bed, in its own little room.

As a result, a simple story for a homeless cat turned into a fairy tale with a good ending, where everyone was happy. Wyatt got its private room in the owner’s house, and Brian Davis wasted lots of time and effort for providing the pet’s comfort.

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