The American found a dog at his home, although the door and windows were closed. He solved the riddle and gave shelter to the dog

When American Jack Jokinen from the American city of Philadelphia woke up at home, he had to look for an answer to a seemingly unsolvable riddle — how a strange dog appeared in his apartment with closed doors and windows. The answer was kindly provided by security cameras- at night the wind opened the door that was not completely closed, and a stray dog entered it. And a bystander closed the door wide open.

According to Jack Jokinen, he checked all the doors and windows in the apartment, but they were closed. The appearance magic of the animal was explained by a camera installed in front of the front door. In the evening, after walking with his dog, Jack did not close the door tightly, and at night a strong wind opened it. The stray dog saw a tempting place of shelter and decided to go there.

After the animal had already gone inside, a bystander saw the open door and closed it.

Jack took the unexpected pet to the vet

And her condition was serious

It turned out that the dog was nine years old, and it didn’t have a chip, so it was almost impossible to find out who was its owner. The dog’s vital organs were in order, but his teeth were in poor condition and she did not receive the necessary vaccinations. In addition, fleas were on her skin and a pad on one of her paws was missing.

Jack and his wife named the dog Susie and decided to keep it for themselves

At the clinic, Susie received all the necessary vaccinations, and also got rid of all the fleas from her fur coat

The couple already had one dog, but the second in their house would bother them

The owners organized a fundraiser for all the treatment the dog needs

According to Jack, if there is more money than needed, they will send the excess to charity. And if no one donates anything, then they will try to cope on their own.

Thanks to her incredible story, Susie is now a local celebrity!

According to Jack, he and his wife will try to provide Susie with a dignified life in her old age

And you can’t even dream of a better home for Susie!

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