A camera captured a woman sharing her jacket with a freezing dog

Dogs are ready to save their owners from attacks, fire, even from water, but are people ready for even a small share of heroism? One American woman proved that she is ready to give the shirt off her back. Literally.

This story became viral thanks to passersby who shared it online.

On one cold and windy day, they saw a woman and her dog near a post office. Dogs were not allowed in the building, so the owner had to leave her friend outside. However, the woman got worried that it might be too cold to wait, so she took her jacket off and put it on her pet. To secure it, she even buttoned it up.

Naturally, this fashionable cuttie could not be left unnoticed. According to passersby, the dog looked warm and cozy.

And that is what we call to be a friend through thick and thin!

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