Left Everyone Speechless With Her Makeover. How The Girl Looks After Losing Half of Her Weight

Everyone who has at least once tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is to stay motivated and not break your diet.

Changes are always hard, but what is the key to maintaining your health goal?

28-year-old Sophie Matheson has tried to lose weight several times, but after each breakdown, she ends up gaining weight 2 times more.

After desperately trying to lose at least a few pounds, Sophie’s life changed when her boyfriend proposed to her and she decided that she didn’t want to be a fat bride.

At the moment she weighed a little over 280 lbs and seeing all the beautiful and delicate dresses, she wanted to fit in all of them. There were only 3 months before her big day and a lot of work to do.

Sophie hired a personal trainer and started going to the gym 3 times a week.

She did cardio, along with a power complex, and stuck to her diet without any cheat meal days.

The trainer helped Sophie get on the right path. She ate eggs, oatmeal, rice, and vegetables, so basically everything she wouldn’t eat on a daily basis.

These results are just after 3 months. Look how gorgeous she looks!

“I never even thought I could feel this happy and confident,” says Sophie.”My husband is proud of me and I can finally buy any clothes that I want.”

Now she has her own blog where she talks about her weight loss. She supports girls and shares her example as a motivation for others.

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