Meet Wiley, the adorable Dalmatian puppy with a heart-shaped nose who won the hearts of social media users

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its miracles. It draws not only with frost on glass, but also on some animals.

This cute Dalmatian puppy immediately attracts attention.

People say his nose is made for kissing.

Of course, the owner kisses him more, but Wiley has already won over many people.

The dog was not born with the simple black spots that are characteristic of his breed.

There is a real heart on his nose that made him so popular.

On the Internet, more and more users are following the dog, because it is difficult to resist smiling when looking at the puppy.

The owner of the Dalmatian, Lexi Smith, says she took the pet from the breeder.

When he talked about the preferences of the animal, the girl immediately realized that they were made for each other.

It turned out that the puppy loves to eat, sleep and cuddle.

Therefore, the girl and the puppy immediately found a common language.

The unique heart on his nose quickly made Wiley the star of the Internet.

Users love to follow the dog’s life as it is very interesting.

The girl considers the dog to be her best friend, so she devotes a lot of time to him.

On their Instagram page, she posts new pictures to show what Wiley is up to.

The unique puppy with a heart on his nose has already won thousands of hearts in different countries.

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