Two little kittens had a sick sister, whom they warmed as best they could, but then they met a real mother

When a girl named Megan Sorbar found three stray kittens, she immediately thought that one was not behaving like the others.

Two kittens covered the third with their body. Sorbar was the head of an organization dedicated to the protection of street animals.

That’s why she didn’t leave the kittens alone. She took them to the shelter.

Doctors found out: out of three kittens, two are boys, and they took care of a tiny sister.

She could not hold her head, and she even moved with difficulty.

The kittens were warmed, washed and given food.

Megan, since she found the kittens, had the right to come up with names for them.

She named the baby Coconut, and her brothers Pistachio and Praline.

Those were the first words that came to Megan’s mind when she thought about names.

After all, Sorbar saw the kittens when she went to buy ice cream.

Sorbar also made attempts to find the mother of these babies, but to no avail.

Megan had a dog named Biste. She readily undertook to be a “mom” for these little kittens.

The dog became so attached to the foundlings that she did not leave them for a long time.

She spent the longest time with sick Coconut.

Biste had a maternal instinct. Together with her care and treatment procedures, little Coconut began to recover quickly after seven days.

She could already stand on her paws and held her head.

And after another 30 days, the kittens left for new owners.

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