A wrinkled sand-colored Shar Pei dog became adoptive mother for two Siberian tiger cubs rejected by their mother

Maternal instinct is a powerful thing, which is vividly expressed especially among our best friend’s, dogs.

They are so caring and lovely mothers, not only for their own babies, but for all those orphaned babies of other species in need of help.

This story proves once again how mamma dogs are capable to take care of helpless creatures, giving them their pure love and comfort.

There is one essential reason, which proves why the wild animals shouldn’t live in captivity. They are inclined to lose their maternal instinct, in the result of it they reject their own newborns.

That’s what happened to these two newborn endangered tiger babies. They could not survive, if not this adorable Shar Pei mamma dog.

Two Siberian tiger cubs were born at Oktyaberskiy health resort Zoo in Russia, who were rejected by their own mother shortly after their birth. The chance that they will survive without their mother’s care and protection was too low.

But a sand-colored, wrinkled Shar Pei dog, Cleopatra, was there to save the lives of the orphaned cubs. She has recently given birth to her own babies and was ready to nurse two wild tiger cubs, as well.

Cleopatra accepted the newborn cubs immediately and started to take care of them, cleaning and breastfeeding them with her own babies together.

The orphaned tigers found not only a caring adoptive mother, but a big, lovely family. They all slept together in the Cleopatra’s place. One of the cubs was named after Cleopatra, Clyopa, and the other one- Plyusha.

The little tigers are not aggressive and pose no danger to the caring mamma dog. Soon, when they grow up, they will return to the Zoo.

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