Black bear caught on camera laying and hanging out on the discarded mattress by a garbage dump

This bear knows a lot about pleasure – just look at the comfort with which he settled on an old mattress.

Bears often visit human habitation to profit, an inevitable consequence of our invasion of the wild.

But more often than not, the maximum they can find is a pair of fish skeletons and meat scraps.

A black bear from Canada arranged a suite in the trash heap.

He was discovered by Keira Mamakwa. The woman was having a hard day, and she was terribly tired running about business. And after all, it was still necessary to take large garbage to the local dump.

But what Keira saw at the dump changed her mood for a long time.

This guy had no reason to be stressed. He was absolutely happy, he found a real treasure in a pile of rubbish.

The woman decided that he was looking for a place where he could rest. But most likely, he hoped to find something edible at the dump.

This grizzly seemed to be the most carefree creature, if not in all of Ontario, then in this dump for sure.

The bear did not pay any attention to anything around – not even to the woman who took pictures of him and laughed.

He arranged a “day for himself” and was not going to be distracted by all sorts of nonsense.

“I thought it was funny,” Mamakwa said.

The woman had already finished all her business at the dump – it was time for her to move on.

But the bear was not going to leave his cozy bed. He planned to stay.

When Mamakva went on about her business, the bear was already dozing; it seemed a little more, and he would start snoring.

“It was a breathtaking sight,” the woman recalls.

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