A dog standing on his back-legs was rescued from a flood

A rescue crew in Mexico saved a poor labrador from a trap during a flood in Tabasco. At that time, there were heavy rainfalls which led to rivers going out of their banks, landslides, and flows.

The doggy’s first instinct was to simply swim but soon enough, his strength was leaving him, and he figured out to stand up on his back legs, leaning on the window behind him.

The scene was both touching and sad. In this way, he managed to wait for assistance from the people who picked him up and placed him on their boat. Currently, he is safe, and his life is not endangered. He was taken care of, dried, and fed.

Owners haven’t been identified yet. A lot of people were running away in a rush. He may have simply gone lost. Let’s hope the owners will turn up soon.

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