The pregnant pig with strong maternal instinct runs away from the farm to find a better life for her piglets

Maternal instinct is incredible.

Some supernatural force seemed to push the pregnant to leave her pen, in which fresh food appeared every day, and ran behind the fence of the farm.

Finally, the expectant mother was free in the forest. She found a cozy hollow and there gave birth to nine little piglets.

Mom seemed to have guessed what was waiting for her kids on the farm.

Usually, domestic pigs can live 15-20 years, but they rarely succeed.

Sometimes newborn piglets are selected for breeding, and then they can be considered lucky.

Otherwise, they will only live a couple of months before becoming food.

The pig hid the babies in the forest and nursed them.

But she herself was steadily thinning: because of the ring in her nose, she could not get food, and nine children take a huge amount of energy.

She was lucky a second time: while the owners of the farm discovered a valuable loss, kind people stumbled upon the young mother and contacted local animal rights activists.

The volunteers immediately assessed the situation and took the pig.

They took care of the kids and fed their mother.

They really wanted to save the brave pig, but, unfortunately, it was not so easy.

By law, she was a lost property, and they could not just take it for themselves.

Then the volunteers started an extensive press campaign.

They told the story of a brave mother who risked her own life so that her children were born free.

They turned to the owners of the farm with a request to reward the brave pig with the opportunity to live her life with dignity and allow all nine of her children to grow up.

All the neighbors united to take care of the brave mom.

When reporters contacted the owners of the farm, they filmed a story about the pig and her piglets returning to the pen.

Their lives were in jeopardy. It seemed like a betrayal.

And then the same volunteers organized a public campaign in defense of the pig.

They managed to raise enough money to buy the entire family off the farm and take care of them.

They managed to make enough noise for the farmers to agree.

And now the pig has moved to a shelter, where she takes mud baths, and her piglets run around everywhere.

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