The officer rose to fame on social media after saving baby squirrels: they are so adorable

An NYP Officer called Andre LaVote noticed a scene on the side of the road last week as he was driving along a busy street. The man stopped, reached over, got out of the car, and stopped to save two small squirrels.Andre felt unable to abandon the children since they were left alone

And in such cases, it is better to return them as quickly as possible. He carried the animals with care as he made his way toward their proper location.The policeman found a squirrel nest in one of the trees growing next to the road.

The man tried to put the squirrels in the nest to assist their mother find them.But they steadfastly refused to turn back from their savior. Andre let the kids play in his arms for a time.When putting them in the nest, he departed after they fell asleep.

Hundreds of social media users who saw images of Andre and baby squirrels on the NYSP’s official account that day commented on the officer’s empathy and generosity, as well as that of his colleagues.

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