A newborn pig abandoned by her mother was fighting for her life | Luckily a dog intervened

Huge farm dogs and baby piglets became internet sensations after adorable pictures of them were shared on social media, but even more so once people learned the touching story of this kind surrogate mother and her adorable baby, who only exudes tenderness.

Eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback Katjinga did a great job of caring for the grumpy Paulinchen, a lovely orphaned newborn pig.

Paulinchen was happily found shortly after she passed away and placed into the dog’s care, who thankfully accepted her as one of her own.

Katjinga resided on a sizable farm in Hoerstel, Germany, with her adoptive parents Roland Adam, 54, and his wife Edit, 44.

Paulinchen was on the edge of passing away when Roland found him. She was incredibly weak and barely made it when her folks left her just a day after birth.

Our country is home to wild pigs, and a sow in our woodland recently gave birth to a litter of five piglets. Paulinchen was really chilly when I picked her up after finding her all by herself. I carried the pig home and gave her to Katjinga since I was sure foxes would kill her that night. The kittens she recently gave birth to are now 10 months old, so I thought there was a chance I could take over her care,” Roland said.

The best mother someone could wish for is Katjinga. The little pig had her heart. He started bathing her as soon as possible, treating her like one of her own puppies. A few days later, she resumed milk production so she could continue to breastfeed the piglet. She clearly thought of her as her own child.

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