Animal rescuers save a small animal found clinging to pole in the freezing winter

It was frigid outside, and a little brushtail possum clung to a chilly metal pole. It had no idea what to do whatsoever. The animal was so terrified that it was immobile, and his mom was nowhere to be seen.

It didn’t have to suffer in solitude for long since help quickly arrived.

Rescuers waited for two days before deciding that the parent of this possum was not going to come back. They learned about his pleasant disposition while they considered where to take him.

The animal revealed itself to be naughty, peculiar, and fond of eating its food upside down.

The rescuers provided the possum with it all he required to recover before bringing him to a wildlife care facility.

The possum will be treated before being released. Thanks to the kind people who took the time to assist him, it will return to its native habitat equipped to grow.

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