Incredible video shows rescuers using drone to feed dogs trapped by lava on an island

Millions of people have been forced to escape for their life after the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, erupted over a month ago, leaving everything behind.

The scenario is even more tragic for some evacuated homeowners, who had no choice but to leave their pet companions behind.On the island, there are about 80,000 people, and about 6,000 of them have had their homes destroyed by nature. Despite this, several of the pets left behind – primarily dogs – have been observed seeking sanctuary on roofs after becoming caught by lava.Locals and rescue teams have attempted to locate and eventually rescue these vulnerable creatures. However, with the hot lava still flowing around, accessing them on land or by helicopter would be extremely perilous.

As a result, they have been caring for these sad animals until the volcano stops erupting or they come up with a better rescue strategy. The rescue teams dropped food on them using drones.

Drone footage captures the terrible moment rescuers provide food to the same pets stranded on a rooftop.As you can see in the brief video, the poor pups are nothing but bones and skin. Unfortunately, for the time being, drone feeding is the best the rescuers can do for the frightened creatures.

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