Two-Legged Cat Will Astound You With How Much He Can Do

Meet Able, a rescue cat who moves around by jumping like a kangaroo despite without front legs. According to Able’s keeper, 49-year-old Walai Sriboonvorakul, “I felt such enthusiasm and inspiration to live my life” the first time he met the dog. The kitten, who was just a year old at the time, was trying to catch a bird on the roof when he tripped on a loose wire and almost died from getting electrocuted. The cat lost his front legs and tail.

Fortunately, the kind Sriboonvorakul intervened and made the decision to save the handicapped cat from a sad existence as a handicapped cat on the streets of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Two years later, the cat has fully recovered thanks to the woman’s tireless efforts to nurture it back to health. We named him “Able” since he is capable of performing all animal behaviors, such as scaling stairs, pursuing other cats, and jumping significantly high. And there’s more: Able’s sister, Fin Fin, is disabled in the hind legs. The two cats with opposing leg issues are simply incomplete without the other.

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