Because of her appearance, everyone bypassed her, but one day she was sheltered by a kind girl. How does the dog look like now?

As often in our world, a person is judged by appearance, the same thing happens in the world of animals. People want to take only beautiful purebred dogs and cats, and no one wants those who are on the street or look ugly.

So the puppy of the Chihuahua breed was not lucky with its appearance. When he was born, it turned out that something was wrong with him, by seven weeks the whole body of a small dog was covered with sores, and the hair did not want to grow back. The owners considered the puppy an “unsuccessful lot” and placed him in a shelter.

There, the baby also continued to be ignored. It was more pleasant for everyone to look at healthy dogs. The shelter staff felt sorry for the dog, but they understood that hardly anyone would choose her. The life of this animal would be short and miserable.

But this time a miracle happened. One fine day, a girl named Amanda noticed the ugly wrinkled dog. They looked at each other, and the girl realized that she must help this creature. Amanda did not think about whether she could cure this crumb, she only decided to make her life happier

The dog was named Pippa. Having received a caring attitude and affection, the baby simply blossomed. It turned out that this is a very contact and affectionate girl.

Amanda already had several pet dogs, and they all accepted the new one well.

At first, Amanda devoted all her free time to taking care of Pippa, giving her healing baths, applying a special cream to heal wounds. And now, proper nutrition, treatment and an affectionate attitude have borne fruit. All the wounds dried up, and soft fur began to break through on the skin.

Now Pippa looks like all Chihuahuas and does not complain about his health. She has a full dog life and has a fun company.

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