Cat Undergoes Amazing Transformation From Being More Than Half His Weight in Matted Fur

Meet Sinbad, a Persian cat that was found with five pounds of matted fur on him after being abandoned. “A utility worker spotted Sinbad in the house of an old man before he entered our shelter. Sinbad’s health showed that the man couldn’t take care of himself very well, according to Elliott Serrano of The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, who spoke with Love Meow.

This 7-pound cat’s matted fur ended up weighing more than half of his weight when the “fur carpet” was removed. Unfortunately, the cat’s hind legs atrophied from lack of usage, but Sinbad persisted.

“He was incredibly understanding and kind during the difficult grooming. Hours passed, according to Elliott. To ensure that his digestive system would continue to function and not harm his kidneys, he continued, “We had to force feed him for a while.”

In the end, the man who had taken the cat in as a foster adopted Sinbad. ” He is currently receiving a lot of love and care… Elliott remarks, “I’m really amazed at how he genuinely loves others, despite the fact that people haven’t always treated him very well. It’s a lesson that everyone might benefit from.”

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