Woman adopts 21-Year-Old Cat a.ban.doned by Owner to give him best remaining!

You had a wonderful relationship full of love love and cuddling like it should be…! 😻❤️

What a Beautiful and Blessed Couple. 🐈🌹❤️

He knew love,happiness,and a wonderful safe home to his very end. You all are wonderful people. One day you will meet again. ❤🖤🐾

At the sunset of his life, Tigger, a 21-year-old cat, was a.ban.doned by his owner at a local ve.terin.arian practice at the end of his life. He was sa.d and perp.lexed, and he couldn’t figure out why…?

But then there was Adriene Nicole. Adriene came across his story on the (Facebook) group and chose to adopt him.

She took him home from the shelter because she wanted to give him the affection he needed. ❤️

Adriene was soon informed that Tigger was su.ffe.ring from re.nal fai.lure and a golf ball-sized tu.mor.
Adriene seemed unf.azed: Though he has re.nal fai.lure and we discovered a tu.mor, he kicks it like a 12-year-old.

He’s still a beautiful cat at that age congratulations kitty on your new home! 🏡❤️

She said: We decided to make a bucket list for Tigger filled with strange activities.
Even the little outings outside are a blast for him since he loves to be outdoors…the beach being his favorite so far.

Her story and making the last couple of her life so very special.

Tigger’s tale exemplifies how wonderful it is to adopt a senior pet and provide them the finest possible care for their last days!
We hope that he will change the hearts of others who are considering adopting older animals! 👏👏👏

Wonderful for adopting the baby and making him feel loved. God is smiling. 😻

So glad she had a bucket list and you could share her journey.

Thank for your kindness and love given to the Lovely Kitty Tigger and making his last couple of years so comfortable and memorable 🙏🐈🌹❤️

God bless you,your husband and your other kitty for rescuing this very old handsome kitty and giving him all that special love you all have him. 🐾🙏🙏
May she R.I.P! 🌈 and always know she knew how much you all loved her and that you were there when she pas.sed aw.ay 😻🐾❤️🙏

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