“The Thorn Birds”: How the actors of the series have changed after 36 years

This is how the actors from “The Thorn Birds” look now.
In 1983, once “The Thorn Birds” was released, it immediately became the most favorite series for many people. A lot of people had already read the book of the popular series.

This famous series can be considered to be a legend in Hollywood film industry.No matter for how many times you watch the series, it is always interesting and gripping. The series reveals a touching story about pure love.

The audience becomes sad and then the sadness turns into happiness so they start to have an emotional attachment with the heroes.
It has already been 36 years since the series was released.

Richard Chamberlain (already 85 years old)
Now the actor writes books and paints pictures, takes up music as well. Although, his private life has been unsuccessful. The actor is still lonely.

Rachel Ward (61 years old)
Rachel became a successful director. She is married and raises three wonderful children.

Brain Brown (71 years old)
This talented actor is still in demand even today. He has been married for already 35 years and has a daughter.

Piper Laurie (87 years old)
She was a very talented and successful actress being rewarded Oscar as well.

Christopher Plummer (1929 died 2012)
A great actor.

Brett Cullen (62 years old)
He built a successful career in film industry.

Barbara Stanwyck (1907 died in 1990)
She was a skillful and great actress.

Jean Simmons (1929 died in 2010)
She was a brilliant actress as well as an excellent singer.

Have you watched the series?

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