Jonathan, A 189-year-old Tortoise, The oldest-known animal in the world

That’s really amazing how a tortoise has such a long lifespan! 🐢💙

If only he could talk what stories he would tell. Thats he’s secret…!🐢💙💚

Jonathan, the 189-year-old huge tortoise that holds the record for being the globe’s largest living earthbound mammal — and he’s living a relaxing life on the remote island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic.

He landed on St. Helena in 1882 as a fully grown adult; he has seen generations of people coming and going. He’s the oldest member of his companions at the mansion, who consist of three other giant tortoises; the second-oldest tortoise is his friend, 82-year-old David.

He typically spends his days lounging in the sun, munching on grass and relaxing with his tortoise friends. It’s a very calm life for someone of such status…

Absolutely awesome.😮💙

A few years ago, he sta.rted having me.dical issues. Fortunately, all it took was a little diet change, and now he’s back in great shape and still going strong.

Goes to show if you look after them right then who knows how much longer he can he live well done every one…!💙

Hard to believe that they live so long 😮 Wish he could tell us about history…😼🐢💙💚

God Bless him!❤️🙏🙏🙏

H/t: The dodo

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